Collaborative approach + Cutting-edge science

The Center for the Study of Integrative Animal Behavior (CISAB) provides many opportunities for advanced training in the science of Animal Behavior at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Our program is unique in melding many different approaches to the study of animal behavior, from proximate neural, physiological, and environmental perspectives to ultimate evolutionary and ecological perspectives. We are a highly collaborative and collegial group, which is critical to cutting-edge science.

We are committed to training at every level

From undergraduate to graduate to postdoctoral, students are the connectome that brings together many of our collaborations. In addition to an undergraduate minor and certificate, we offer one of only 10 undergraduate Animal Behavior majors in the country, and the only major in the Big Ten. Established in 2015, it is currently the fastest-growing major in the College of Arts and Sciences.

For graduate students and postdocs, we offer a Ph.D. minor and a certificate. Training opportunities for grad students and postdocs include a seminar series and courses. Funding opportunities include CISAB graduate fellowships and CTRD pre-and post-doctoral traineeships.

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