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Services offered by the CISAB Lab

CISAB’s Mechanisms of Behavior Lab operates as a recharge center, providing the supplies and reagents required to perform a variety of common molecular and endocrine techniques, which are billed at cost upon completion. These include hormone extraction, enzyme immunoassay (EIA/ELISA), nucleic acid extraction, PCR, gel electrophoresis, and quantitative PCR preparation. Although we place a special focus on offering services valuable to IUB- and CISAB- affiliated researchers, non-affiliated researchers including those with research interests beyond animal behavior are also welcome to reach out and explore the possibilities of working in our lab. As a CTSI Designated Core, special funding opportunities may be available for researchers that conduct billable lab work.

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CISAB Lab equipment

The following is a list of equipment currently available in the CISAB Lab. Please use the CISAB Lab Calendar to sign up for equipment ahead of time.

  • Water purification system (ultrapure)
  • Temperature controlled centrifuges (standard and micro)
  • Fume and laminar flow hoods
  • Electronic chemical balance
  • Dry heating block
  • Water baths (including shaking and sonication)
  • Standard and multi-tube vortexers
  • General-purpose incubator
  • Hot plate/stirrer
  • Refrigerators and -20°C and -80°C freezers
  • pH meter
  • Single-channel, multichannel and repeater pipettes
  • Cryostat
  • Microplate spectrophotometer with low-volume DNA/RNA/protein quantification
  • Rotor-stator homogenizer
  • Pellet pestle motor
  • Maxwell RSC nucleic acid purification system
  • Quantus Fluorometer
  • Thermocyclers (standard and gradient)
  • Vertical and Horizontal gel electrophoresis rigs
  • UV transilluminator with digital camera/printer
  • Western blot apparatus
  • Microplate absorbance plate readers
  • Microplate washers
  • Microplate shakers
  • Evap-o-rac for drying down samples under air or nitrogen
  • Vacuum manifold system