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Services offered by the CISAB Lab

CISAB’s Mechanisms of Behavior Lab also operates as a non-profit, internal recharge center. We provide the supplies and reagents required to perform a variety of common molecular and endocrine techniques, which we then bill at cost to your IU research grant upon completion. These include hormone extraction, enzyme immunoassay (EIA/ELISA), nucleic acid extraction, PCR, gel electrophoresis, and quantitative PCR preparation. General lab maintenance and equipment repair are subsidized by CISAB. External rates are also available for researchers from other institutions that are interested in these techniques.

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CISAB Lab equipment

The following is a list of equipment currently available in the CISAB Lab. Please use the CISAB Lab Calendar to sign up for equipment ahead of time.

  • Water purification system (ultrapure)
  • Temperature controlled centrifuges (standard and micro)
  • Fume and laminar flow hoods
  • Electronic chemical balance
  • Dry heating block
  • Water baths (including shaking and sonication)
  • Standard and multi-tube vortexers
  • General-purpose incubator
  • Hot plate/stirrer
  • Refrigerators and -20°C and -80°C freezers
  • pH meter
  • Single-channel, multichannel and repeater pipettes
  • Cryostat
  • Microplate spectrophotometer with low-volume DNA/RNA/protein quantification
  • Rotor-stator homogenizer
  • Pellet pestle motor
  • Maxwell RSC nucleic acid purification system
  • Quantus Fluorometer
  • Thermocyclers (standard and gradient)
  • Vertical and Horizontal gel electrophoresis rigs
  • UV transilluminator with digital camera/printer
  • Western blot apparatus
  • Microplate absorbance plate readers
  • Microplate washers
  • Microplate shakers
  • Evap-o-rac for drying down samples under air or nitrogen
  • Vacuum manifold system