Campus + College resources

Students in the Animal Behavior program have access to resources provided by affiliated programs, departments, and research centers and institutes, in addition to the well-equipped laboratories of the program faculty.

Natural field settings for research + teaching

Indiana University is fortunate in its relatively rural setting and its land holdings for field research. The IU Research and Teaching Preserve (RTP) consists of seven sites totaling nearly 1600 acres of natural areas located only minutes from the heart of the IUB campus. The sites are Bayles Road, Bradford Woods, Kent Farm, Griffy Woods, Lilly-Dickey Woods, MMSF AmeriFlux Tower, and Moores Creek.

The Preserve provides natural field settings for research and teaching that complement the facilities and infrastructure of Indiana University. It is administered by Director Sarah Mincey and an executive committee of faculty members.

Much credit for the development and success of the Preserve goes to the work of involved graduate and undergraduate students, as well as to the many volunteer groups who contribute their time and resources to the RTP.