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Animal Behavior Majors: You might be interested...

If you are planning on graduating in 2021 (May, August, or December) please mark your calendars and *Save-the-Date* for 5:30-7:00 Friday, May 7, 2021 for a graduation reception to celebrate receiving the Animal Behavior Bachelor of Science degree.

In compliance with IU’s pandemic policy, we regret that we cannot host an in-person event. However, we look forward to seeing you online and celebrating your accomplishment at our virtual reception. We’ll provide details about the virtual reception soon.

**If you are planning to attend, please follow this link to give us a little information about yourself—it will only take a few minutes:

Title: A-401- Special Topics in Avian Conservation: Environmental Change and Resilience

Instructor: Distinguished Professor Ellen Ketterson

Days and Time: Tuesday and Thursday 1:10-2:25 pm

There will be one field trip on a Saturday, likely date is October 16th (subject to change), students expected to attend, will have rain date as possible, Will last ~7AM-2PM

The format will be assigned readings for Tuesdays for summary and discussion, and an opportunity to hear from an expert speaker on the same topic on Thursdays.  Some weeks may begin with a speaker and end with a discussion.  We will mix it up based on speaker availability.

The course is listed under animal behavior (AB)(A-401) and Biology (Bio)(L-410) and for graduate students (Biol Z620)

Why is it important for students to take this course?
Earth is experiencing its 6th mass extinction, biodiversity is in steep decline, the potential consequences are alarming, the time to act is now. Students will learn the dimensions of the problem as seen through a series of perspectives - legal, humanistic, biological, socio-ecological. Students will engage in devising solutions. This course counts towards the Evolutionary/Ecological Perspective.

Course title: Animal Conservation A401

Day and time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11 – 11:50 am

Adjunct lecturer: Adam Fudickar

Prerequisite: BIOL-L111

Course description: Following an introduction to the field of animal conservation, students in this course will learn about recent advancements in biology that contribute to animal conservation efforts. Students taking the course will learn how research in ecology, evolution, behavior, physiology, molecular biology, cognition, and development are used by scientists and conservation practitioners to help protect animal populations.This course counts towards the Evolutionary/Ecological Perspective.


Bloomington Veterinary Hospital is looking for motivated and positive individuals to join our team as patient care assistants. Responsibilities include feeding and walking hospitalized and boarding patients/guests, maintaining daily hospitalization and boarding sheets, assisting doctors and veterinary technicians with acquiring blood samples, radiographs, placing IV catheters, and using in house laboratory equipment.

We are proud to be an AAHA accredited hospital that treats dogs, cats, rabbits, and other exotics. We look to hire doctors that are enthusiastic, compassionate, and who strive to practice high quality medicine. Our hospital is large and well equipped. Our practice is located in the wonderful college town of Bloomington with abundant recreational and cultural activities. We are well known and established in our community - for over 40 years!

Animal care experience preferred, but not required.

Job Type: Full-time and Part-time available

Pay: $11.00 - $12.00 per hour DOE


Dental insurance
Employee discount
Life insurance
Paid time off
Retirement plan
Flexible scheduling
If interested, please send resume to Allison Ritchey:

Animal Behavior/Reptile Caretaker Internship

At Goldleaf Hydroponics we have Bloomington’s largest collection on public display of reptiles and amphibians. Specimens include over 30 types of iguanas, geckos, lizards, monitors, chameleons, skinks, turtles, tegus, frogs, newts, salamanders, tortoises, snakes, and the collection frequently grows in diversity. The focus of this internship is reptile care and enclosure maintenance. Daily care consists of removing uneaten food and waste from the enclosures, giving fresh water to the animals, feeding fresh vegetables and insects to the appropriate animals, and wiping down the tanks. Water based enclosures need periodic water tests and changes. Tanks with media need to be watered in when necessary, and high humidity enclosures need misted occasionally. Certain large lizards and tortoises need daily baths or soaks in water. Interns will also tend and breed feeder insects like crickets, mealworms, superworms, flightless fruit flies, and rodents like mice and frozen rats. Intern is expected to devote 10 hours per week minimum at Goldleaf Hydroponics. This internship is created in partnership with the Animal Behavior department at Indiana University. For more information visit IU’s official page here

POSTED: 9/9/2020

Email: My name is Robyn Hickman, African Wildlife Species Research Lead for Africa Wild Trails. I am emailing you as you are listed as one of the most appropriate people for us to contact at your university.


We deliver unique ecology and conservation research trips open to both undergraduate and graduate university students, and we are very much hoping you could forward this email, with the information below, to your current Bioscience students to spread the word. If you would like any more information before you do this, please do not hesitate to email me with your questions. I am more than happy to help!


AWT Brief History

We have been planning and delivering ventures and expeditions to Africa for over twenty years and all with an underlying ethos of nature conservation. Working alongside our expert ecologists and game rangers, we are now in our fourth year of delivering specific research on the Nile Crocodile and Cape Giraffe. 


Please have a look at the information below and, if you would be good enough to do so, distribute it to your students who may be interested in research options for next year. We are also very keen to have photographers in the research teams as good images of the animals is crucial. As such we would be grateful if you could please also forward to your photography department or any keen photographers among your students.


Research Opportunities 2021


Please contact if you would like any more information about these trips and an application pack!


Aid in ongoing research initiatives based in the rich and diverse province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.


Focusing on two species that often go overlooked in the world of conservation, our field research opportunities are ideal for bioscience and photography students, giving vital skills and experience collecting data in the field, increasing employability whilst taking some action.


Led by experienced researchers, ecologists and game rangers, we provide 24/7 in-country support, and guidance. There is scope to complete both research trips consecutively. Each trip is fully catered and both include Big 5 safari game drives!



Cape Giraffe Project

20th July - 2nd August 2021

  • Build a database of individuals using their patterns
  • Study dispersal using telemetry
  • Observe foraging and social behaviours on foot
  • Investigate the effects of disease and habitat loss on local populations


Nile Crocodile Project

5th - 18th August 2021

  • Gain hands-on and close up experience during initial phase in a local crocodile centre
  • Conduct research on wild crocs including population dynamics, counts, size and body condition studies, and basking and thermoregulatory behaviour
  • Develop pattern recognition software using photographic techniques


We can take individuals onto our July/August research trips or we can deliver specifically for a group from your university at any other time of the year. A research group would consist of 5-15 students.


Again, please feel free to contact me if you would like any more information.


Yours sincerely,


Robyn Hickman MSci

African Wildlife Species Research Lead

Africa Wild Trails Ltd


Whatsapp/mobile: 07521052232

Africa Wild Trails Facebook Page

Wild Trails University Placements Facebook Page

Africa Wild Trails Research Website

AWT Instagram: @africawildtrails


High Standards: All AWT operations have been independently assessed by the Adventure Activity Associates. AWT Holds the LOtC Quality Badge for international ventures and we are fully compliant with the BS8848 British Standard for international research, ventures and expeditions. AWT is a full member of the Expedition Providers Association and has delivered ventures to region for over 15 years.

Registered Address  Peelings Manor | Hankham Road, Hankham | East Sussex | BN24 5AP | Company Number: 730220 | Coordinates: 50°49'18.1"N 0°17'45.9"E

Check back regularly for new updates

Fellowship, Scholarship, + Award Deadlines

CISAB awards two summer study scholarships each year to aid outstanding Animal Behavior majors at IU Bloomington with the costs of summer field courses, internships, or research experiences in fields relevant to the study of animal behavior. These awards help to defray costs of travel and fees for these experiences.

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Goodson Prize for Art in Science

Dr. Jim Goodson was a vibrant member of the CISAB community. In addition to being a consummate neuroscientist and critical thinker, Jim was also extraordinarily gifted at capturing the beauty of his science via images, of both his study subjects and his histological material. The Goodson Prize for Art in Science recognizes outstanding research images from CISAB members that are not just scientifically meaningful but are also beautiful. Winning images are showcased both in the CISAB house and on our website.

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To recognize some of our many outstanding Animal Behavior majors, CISAB Undergraduate Curriculum Committee has established a new award for Excellence in Thesis Research in Animal Behavior.


Current Ph.D. and postdoctoral students are eligible for up to 12 months of stipend support through opportunities offered by both the Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior (CISAB) and the Common Themes in Reproductive Diversity (CTRD). Applications are due in February each year.

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CISAB founding member William J. Rowland was devoted to the study of animal behavior, and a strong advocate for mentoring and training undergraduates in research, particularly undergraduates who were in one way or another disadvantaged in their opportunities to get research experience. The Bill Rowland Mentoring Award was established in Bill’s memory to recognize graduate students who have served as outstanding research mentors to undergraduates. Recomendations are due in February each year.

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Established in memory of Hanna Kolodziejski, a remarkable graduate student in CISAB and the Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior program in Biology, this fellowship is an annual award for a graduate student who, like Hanna, shows academic talent in both research and teaching, and who demonstrates a commitment to the community through service or outreach programs. The fellowship is open to all CISAB and Biology graduate students, with a preference given to members of CISAB and Evolution, Ecology & Behavior (EEB) students. Recomendations are due in February each year.

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