Predoctoral Training

Elements specific and unique to the CTRD training program

The centerpiece of our training program consists of two courses, one entitled Concepts in Reproductive Diversity and the other entitled Techniques in Reproductive Diversity.

Training faculty from different home departments act as organizers. These courses meet at the Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior (CISAB), which has a long history of fostering interdisciplinary exchange. In addition, all students receive training in the ethical conduct of science.

The Concepts course, Concepts in Reproductive Diversity, is based on an enormously successful program. CISAB has long offered A501, Seminar in Animal Behavior, each semester on rotating topics, and brought hundreds of visiting scientists to campus to interact with several generations of students. Representative Concepts course offerings include the following:

Neuroethology (Smith)

Integrative Study of Animal Behavior (Ketterson)

Integration and Differentiation in Behavioral Development (Alberts)

Female Reproductive Strategies (Ketterson/Martins)

Sensory Ecology (Hurley)

Sexual Selection (Goodson)

Hormones and Human Behavior (Muehlenbein)

Biological Rhythms and Behavior (Timberlake and Demas)

Epigenetics and Reproductive Behavior (Hackney, Bergeon Burns, Farrell, Ho)